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Types of Cocktails

There are just as many different types of cocktails as there are stories about the origin of the word. For example, there are frozen cocktails, fruity cocktails, bourbon cocktails, whiskey cocktails, punch cocktails, irish whiskey cocktails, scotch whiskey cocktails, exotic cocktails, foreign cocktails, and expensive cocktails, just to name a few. Each different type of cocktail is named based on one of the major ingredients, such as whiskey or bourbon. Let's take a look at how each of these different cocktails are mixed...

Frozen Cocktails -- These are great on a hot summer day. Take the cocktail mix out of the freezer, add ice and enjoy. The best feature of frozen cocktails is that they are convenient, inexpensive, and refreshing.

Fruity Cocktails-- These drinks are the ones you see people carrying around in pineapples, or tall hurricane shaped glasses with the useless mini umbrella jutting out of the side. This type of cocktail is a little more pricey and not readily available in the freezer section of your local grocery.

Punch Cocktails -- Similar to frozen cocktails, these are rather inexpensive to make and super convenient. It's a matter of adding alcohol to punch, putting it in a bowl and serving to your guests. Punch cocktails have become extremely popular at weddings.

Bourbon Cocktails -- Bourbon, also known as Kentucky whiskey, is made of corn and most commonly found in cocktails such as the Bourbon Sour, Snow Shoe, and Admiral Cocktail.

Whiskey Cocktails -- Cocktails of this variety use whiskey as the main alcoholic beverage. Depending on the type of whiskey, the cocktail will fall into different categories such as irish whiskey or scotch whiskey.

Beer Cocktails -- As the name implies, this variation of cocktails includes beer as an ingredient.

Obviously, all the cocktails discussed thus far are alcoholic. However, many of the popular cocktails can be mixed without alcohol making them non-alcoholic cocktails, which are commonly called virgin. A virgin pina coloda or strawberry daiquiri are popular examples of non-alcoholic cocktails. But there are also cocktails that doesn't exist in real life. Some good examples of that can be found in the online game Seafight.